Welcome to Skydesks

Welcome to Skydesks – Trading in the cloud platform designed for  traders, brokers, and money managers.

At the heart of the platform is  Skytrader terminal – a  MetaTrader 4 trading application, EAs (Expert Advisors), and trading signals. 

Skydesks architecture and functionality was developed by Forex professionals, a rocket scientist, and a world class computer scientist who shared a common vision – to build the most reliable, secure, scalable, and robust platform for Forex and Futures markets. Unlike competitors, SkyTrader has no dedicated IP address, thus offering superior security by minimizing  vectors of potential attacks. The user’s SkyTrader  runs in a sealed system; once configured, it remains as a whole until being replaced. User can simultaneously run multiple SkyTraders in his/her Skydesks account. Skydesks can automatically replicate its architecture in any datacenter across the world, thus allowing set up of Skydesks service in close proximity to the brokers’ execution facilities, and thus, minimizing latency.


SkyDesks is a platform independent cloud  solution accessible from any internet enabled device.

SkyTrader is capable of supporting:

  • Metatrader Platforms
  • Most Forex Brokers
  • All Expert Advisors (EAs) and Bots
  • Trading Signals


Our hosting platform  designed for currency and futures traders providing the highest level of security.

  • Fully encrypted Internet traffic
  • No Windows cybersecurity threats, viruses, or Trojans
  • Brokers, money managers, and IBs can protect the identity of clients
  • Intellectual property of pre-installed EAs and expert signals are fully protected with no downloads permitted


SkyDesks  will prevent failures  with 24/7 monitoring. Fully redundant, built in a state-of-the-art cloud hosting facility.

  • Specific monitoring of VM performance to ensure that all VMs are properly responding at all times.
  • Skydesks platform provides automatic reactions on the events of malfunctioning, rebooting systems remotely without interruption to the service.
  • No human access. The Skytrader  runs in a sealed system; once configured, it remains as a whole until being replaced