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Skydesks offers a complete set of tools to allow businesses to seamlessly manage Expert Advisors along with MT4 / MT5 at scale, allowing you to grow to thousands of clients, increasing your profit and user satisfaction while reducing your operational costs.


Increase your profit and user satisfaction, while reducing your operational costs.

Skydesks offers and end to end programmable interface to fully integrate MT4 and MT5 cloud seamless with your Expert Advisor.

The API allows you to integrate your website with Skydesks cloud, selling your products from your website or your mobile application and automatically configuring, within minutes, every single aspect of the MT4 / MT5 and the Expert Advisors.

Skydesks MT4 / MT5 API Documentation

API Features

- Create MT4 / MT5 pre-configured subscriptions within minutes.
- Execute automatically any required post-configuration tasks in the Expert Advisor.
- Login the MT4 / MT5 with your broker account.
- Manage MT4 / MT5 client access from your website or mobile application.
- Manage Copy Trading services.
- Highly Scalable: from dozens to thousands of subscriptions.

Any Special Needs?.


The API Implementation allows tailor-made integration with any client needs, but sometimes you need an automated cloud solution right away.

Skydesks offers a set of Widgets, allowing you to integrate in your website the most important features by just copy and paste HTML in your website.

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Widget Features

- Integrate in your website the most relevant MT4 / MT5 cloud features by copy and paste HTML.


Skydesks allows your business to provide to your clients the best post-sales service, thanks to the cutting-edge tailored tools.

Skydesks tools enables you to maintain thousands of accounts thanks to Artificial Intelligent systems that are constantly analyzing your accounts.

Automated Notifications

We can automatically notify you if:
- There are a particular error or warning in your Expert Advisor
- If there are unexpected issues such as broker accounts suddenly disconnecting because the password has been updated
- etc

Custom Tools

Skydesks also provides you tailored tools to manage subscriptions at scale.
- Security Systems to protect your intellectual property
- Tools to automatically update EA configurations of thousands of subscriptions within minutes
- etc.

Any Special Requirement?

Ecosystem Features

- Update thousands of subscriptions within minutes.
- Protect your intellectual property.
- Get notifications of important events that is happening to your clients in real time.
- Skydesks offers development services for any tailor-made tool for its clients.