Skydesks “Trading in the Cloud” MT4 / MT5 solution is a scalable web portal built upon the latest cloud technologies and featuring unique and innovative services for the Forex community.

What Make Us Unique

Unlike Windows VPS, Skydesks Linux VPS has no dedicated IP address linked to a user account, offering superior security by minimizing potential attack vectors.

In the event of a malfunction, Skydesks architecture continues to run EAs and copytrade signals with only a short interuption of service.

Autotrading is fully enabled from a web browser. This is a unique feature which gives SkyDesks MT4 / MT5 Cloud Trading a competitive advantage.

Each MT4 / MT5 trading account is run in a sealed system: once configured, it remains intact until being replaced.

Skydesks can automatically replicate it's architecture in cloud data-centers across the world, allowing set up of VPS services in proximity to broker servers.